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More People Should Be Talking About Jaxx Steaks


When Delco native and Cheesesteak Adventurepurveyor Jim Pappas bit his way through his

1,000th different cheese-steak earlier this yearduring a live Fox 29 broadcast, he also

announced his favorite: the traditional cheesesteak at this 3rd and Wharton spot, known

as Charlie's Roast Pork until a July name change. And we can't argue with him

seeded Carangi roll, melted provolone throughout, juicy meatthat just won't quit.

Open since July 2019, Jaxx tastes like it's been a part of our lives for decades.

The Best Cheesesteaks In Philly

Jaxx Steaks in Dickinson Narrows offers you something not every spot on this list does: a place where you can sit back, eat a cheesesteak, have a few drinks, and stare at some Philly-themed chalk art on its walls. While they do have a few steak options here, including one that’s topped with broccoli rabe like it’s a roast pork hybrid, the regular steak is still the best. That’s because of how toasty the bread gets, the way the blend of onions, cheese, and super thinly-sliced beef becomes a true showcase of gooey cheddar. Since they have plenty of local beers in bottles and on tap, it’s like they know the best duo—outside of water ice on a sunny day—is an ice-cold beer and a cheesesteak.

Let's go Phillies!

J G.

Atlanta, GA


We're visitors, so can't speak to authenticity but our pork and steak sandwiches were excellent. Got a good warning that the long hots were HOT, so we got them on the side and also were offered cherry peppers (?) which were good and not so fiery. Loved the pork and broccoli rabe... meaty but not too much. Seems to be a popping neighborhood, nice bar attached. We'll be back!!

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